From Plastic Waste to Performance Wear

The China One sailing team is a perfect example of how LUCKE's sustainable clothing line can help companies to adopt sustainable practices and make the transition an easy and enjoyable process.

The China One team was looking for a clothing partner that could provide them with a full uniform range in a short period of time and LUCKE was able to deliver. The team was impressed with the quality and durability of the clothing, as well as the sustainable sourcing and production methods used by LUCKE.

The China One team was particularly drawn to LUCKE's use of recycled ocean plastic in their clothing line. As a team that is passionate about protecting the oceans, they were excited to be able to showcase their commitment to sustainability while competing at the highest level.

The China One team was thrilled with the final product, which not only met their performance needs but also aligned with their values. The team members felt great wearing the clothing and were proud to be a part of LUCKE's mission to make a sustainable future for all.

"LUCKE have been very accommodating with us over the last 2 year's. Delivery very high standard goods on tight timelines for the entire Team."

The China One team's experience with LUCKE highlights the importance of sustainable practices in the sport of sailing and the benefits of choosing a sustainable clothing partner. LUCKE is committed to empowering change and making sustainable choices accessible to everyone, and the China One team's experience is a testament to that commitment.

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