Purpose driven team events

As a sustainable workwear company, we go beyond simply offering high-quality apparel. We understand the importance of fostering a purpose-driven work culture, and that's why we extend our commitment to sustainability into purpose-driven team events for you to participate in.

These events are meticulously curated to not only strengthen team bonds but also to contribute meaningfully to the community and the environment.

We proudly partner with impact-driven organisations such as Clean Up Australia and Outflow to make organising impactful team events easy.

Purpose-driven team events serve as unique opportunities for your team to engage in impactful initiatives that align with your values. By participating in these events, your team members not only contribute to the greater good but also cultivate a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose within the workplace.

We also understand the significance of tracking and celebrating the impact of your collective efforts. That's why (where possible) we integrate the statistics and outcomes from these team events into your overall annual impact report. This ensures that the positive influence your team generates extends beyond the events themselves, becoming a documented part of your company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.