Validating your impact

LUCKE can provide you with tailored inputs suitable to include in your annual report. This will validate your impact and provide accurate measure.

Impact transparency

The clothing industry, with its voracious appetite for cheap clothing, is wreaking havoc on our planet. Global supply chains exploit both people and the environment in regions with lax regulations, all to provide us with affordable outfits. However, this low-cost convenience comes at a steep price: exploited workers, damaged ecosystems, and heaps of waste.

That's why we calculate and share a comprehensive impact report which helps you analyse the true environmental impact of your order.

This report is an invaluable tool for companies that have their own sustainability targets and want to understand the environmental impact of their clothing orders. With our impact report, you can see exactly how your order is contributing to the sustainability of the clothing industry and get a clear picture of where you stand.

Our impact report covers a range of sustainability metrics (depending on what we have available), including the carbon footprint of your order, the water usage associated with its production, and the materials used. We also provide information about the certifications and standards that our materials and production partners adhere to, so you can see the steps we're taking to minimize our impact on the planet.

We believe that this kind of transparency is essential to creating a cleaner and more sustainable industry, and we're committed to providing our clients with the information they need to make informed choices.