The TOYOTA Optimist National Championships




Wakatere Boating Club, host of the TOYOTA Optimist National Championships, sought high-quality buoyancy covers with minimal environmental impact.

They needed a solution that aligned with their commitment to sustainability, offering performance without compromising ethics or eco-consciousness.


How we helped

In collaboration with Toyota, we designed 3D mockups and proposed various fabrics, ultimately opting for recycled ocean plastic yarn. The material, sourced from beaches and marine communities, perfectly encapsulated Toyota's and the club's commitment to responsible practices.


  • Repurposing Waste: We transformed 3,000 discarded PET plastic bottles into durable, high-performance fabric for the covers, reducing landfill waste.
  • Ethical Production: We ensured ethical labor practices and carbon-neutral manufacturing by partnering with a certified European factory, extending sustainability to every step of the process.
  • Championing Circularity: Our LUCKE Take Back program enables customers to return used covers for responsible end-of-life management, fostering a circular economy.
  • Giving Back to Nature: Through 1% For The Planet, we planted 73 trees to offset the carbon footprint and contribute to environmental restoration

Ultimately, Wakatere Boating Club successfully hosted a sustainable Championship, showcasing their commitment to responsible practices and inspiring others to follow suit.



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