LUCKE take back initiative launched

The LUCKE take back initiative has been launched with the aim to start closing the loop when it comes to our clothes. Any LUCKE apparel will be taken back at the end of their usable life for free and other brand clothing will be taken back for a small fee. 

As LUCKE is built on the principles of the circular economy. We have long been looking into taking responsibility for our products and are proud to partner with Upparel to create the first step in our LUCKE take back initiative. Upparel is a B-Corp certified company and one of Australasia’s leaders in textile recycling.

textile Waste
Textile waste is a massive problem in the global clothing industry. Aotearoa, New Zealand has the highest per-capita waste volumes in the OECD, with the volume of textile waste to landfill, estimated at 220,000 tonnes per year (Source: Usedfully).

A key principle of the circular economy model is to keep materials in circulation. At LUCKE we try to achieve this by focusing on timeless design, durability, and printing processes. The aim being to rewear, redistribute and repair but we realize at some point all clothes degrade so that they are no longer wearable. 


Through our partnership with Upparel we can now close the loop in this process. 

How LUCKE take back initiative works:

  • Collect: Drop or ship cleaned items back to LUCKE HQ
  • Sort: Each item is checked and analysed to be sorted into 2 categories: reuse (still fit for wear) and repurpose (not fit for wear).
  • Re-use: Many of the textiles we receive are still fit for wear. We offer this clothing to any charities, social enterprises and non-for-profits. They can come, take what they need and go make an impact with it.
  • Recycle: Where items are not fit for wear, we break down the textiles into different materials and different fabrics. Removing all hardware and non-fabric items to be individually recycled, we turn the textiles into a super fine cushion-like fibre or cushioning material. From there this fibre can be used again in pillows, insulation, furniture etc.  At the end of life these upcycled items can be returned to Upparel and be recycled again and again. 

We acknowledge this is not the silver bullet to the solution but it is an innovative step in the right direction and LUCKE will continue to evolve this initiative. 

LUCKE and Upparel

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