What is LUCKE all about?



What was it that drove two kiwis to embark on a mission to change the apparel industry? 

In 2019, Garth and Wilfried, founders of LUCKE had a question on their mind - why does doing business so often mean depleting our environment? They started digging a little deeper into the issues facing our planet and the industries making the most impact. Quickly they discovered that an area they were both passionate about was also one of the world's biggest polluters - the clothing industry.

It was from here LUCKE was born. Sustainable apparel designed to last. Clothing that cares for both the planet and those that wear it. 

Underlying all that LUCKE stands for, is the sincere belief that doing business doesn’t have to cost the earth. Our mission is to help solve environmental problems guided by research and transparency. 

The foundations of LUCKE are built on the principles of the circular economy - to eliminate, circulate & regenerate. Our vision is that one day sustainable apparel will be the standard go to and that environmentally unfriendly practices will be a thing of the past. In the meantime we are committed to making it easier for individuals and businesses to make different choices when it comes to the clothing they purchase and wear. After all it is these small seemingly insignificant changes that make all the difference. And by changing our choices, we hold hope that we can change the outcome for the health of our planet. 

We believe doing business doesn’t have to cost the earth. This is the LUCKE way and we would love to have you onboard.

The team at LUCKE



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