Regenerate: Give back and track your impact

"We are committed to regenerating nature and minimising our footprint" - Garth Co-founder of LUCKE

How we approach it

The third principle of the circular economy model is to regenerate nature.  We understand that with every product we produce there is a cost on our environment and we believe it is all our responsibility toacknowledge this and try to find solutions to close the loop.

While we are constantly striving to minimise our impact, we acknowledge that there can still be a cost to doing business and to consuming. Our aim is to offset this impact by first tracking it and then countering it. This is why for every order you place with LUCKE, a percentage of your order value goes toward two causes close to our heart - 1% For The Planet & One Tree Planted.   

1% For The Planet

As a member at least 1% of our sales are donated to a 1% For The Planet approved charity. The Cause that we choose is One Tree Planted. This is certified annually.  

One Tree Planted

Is it one of the most highly rated tree planting charities in the world, and we believe they make great use of each dollar donated. This charity plants trees in over 43 countries including Aotearoa, New Zealand. They work to ensure that all trees planted are appropriate species for each location, maintain and monitor the trees for long term survival and lasting impact. Through this strategy, One Tree Planted responds to climate change in a positive way that has a tangible environmental, economic and social impact both locally and globally.

Other active and developing regenerative initiatives:

LUCKE is a member of Usedfully, Textile Reuse Programme

LUCKE’s very own Better Apparel Membership programme. The focus is to give client’s an impact report  that shows the positive impact and certifications associated with products that they have purchased. This can be used as evidence if a client goes down a certification path itself, such as B Corp.

Tracking and reducing carbon footprint: Looking at our business GreenHouse Gas Footprint Calculations, minimising and offsetting. Working with suppliers to track each products GreenHouse Gas Footprint Calculations, then looking at how to minimise and offsetting.