Wilfried Weber


Hey, I'm Wilfried, a former globetrotting engineer and now co-founder of LUCKE, committed to revolutionizing the B2B textile industry for a more sustainable future.

Raised on an island in the serene beauty of the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, I was immersed in the pacific ocean, surfing, kayaking and exploring all that nature had to offer. Looking back, I realize just how fortunate I was to have experienced such a free-spirited childhood.

During my early career traveling the world as a field service engineer, I witnessed the stark contrast between New Zealand's pristine landscapes and the environmental degradation I saw in remote areas of China and other Asian countries. These experiences were eye-opening and alarming honestly, making me realise how urgent the need for sustainable practices is. 

As a health and fitness enthusiast, my entrepreneurial journey first led me to create a tech startup with local developers, launching a community software solution that helps gyms build stronger communities cost-effectively.

Our mission was to empower individuals to overcome motivation barriers and contribute to a healthier, more vibrant world. However, the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic steered me in a new direction.

My path crossed with Garth’s at a shared co-working space,  where our joint enthusiasm for kitesurfing and sustainability ignited the concept of building LUCKE together.

What drives me? 

Innovation: A knack for problem-solving and a belief that technology can be the catalyst for meaningful transformation.

Sustainability: A conviction that business should harmoniously coexist with the environment.

Community: A principle that relationships and community can foster powerful positive change.

Growth: An ethos of welcoming change and valuing lifelong learning as cornerstones of progress.


At LUCKE, we're not just selling workwear and merchandise; we're advocating for a future where business is a force for environmental good.

Join us on this sustainable journey and make an easy, measurable contribution to our planet.