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Face Mask Filters | HELIX iso + ™ | Sustainably made in NZ | Packs

Face Mask Filters | HELIX iso + ™ | Sustainably made in NZ | Packs

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If it's good enough for NASA... 

Specifically designed to fit snuggly in your LUCKEfit™ mask, but are compatible with most cloth masks that accommodate a replaceable filter.

  • High particle capture of invisible particles at low flow rates (>90% at 0.3 micron)
  • Extremely low breathing resistance
  • Made from natural fibres
  • Made in New Zealand (trusted by NASA.)

HELIX.iso+™ filters are made from natural NZ wool fibre and offers Level 2 (highest) performance under the new ASTM F3502-21 standard for Barrier Face Coverings, meaning easier breathing and greater protection.

Any organic markings are harmless and are proof of the filter’s natural origin. They do not affect the performance of the filter. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

-Can you wash the filters?

These filters are not designed to be washed. Washing compromises the filtration performance of the filter so washing is not recommended for covid applications.

-Are the filters compostable?

Yes, they are! Wool fibre grows naturally on sheep and is made of a protein called keratin, the same protein in human hair. When left in damp environments such as soil for a prolonged period of times, wool will decompose.

-How often should you replace the filter?

Filters should be replaced daily or after approximately 8 hours of use. 

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