Our Environmental Initiatives and Commitments

At LUCKE, we're on a mission to clean up the clothing industry and create a more sustainable future. We believe that clothing shouldn't cost the earth, and we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

  • Circular business model:

    Our business model is based on the principles of the circular economy, which aims to eliminate waste and reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry. We focus on finding circular solutions that address overconsumption practices, reduce waste and emissions, and ensure that our products have a positive impact on the planet.

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  • Product stewardship program:

    The LUCKE take back initiative is our way of closing the loop on our clothing products. Any LUCKE apparel can be returned to us at the end of their usable life for free, and items that are not fit for repair are broken down into their individual materials and fabrics and repurposed into cushioning material that can be used in products like pillows, insulation, and furniture.

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  • Tree planting:

    We're committed to offsetting the carbon emissions of our business, and one way we do this is through tree planting. For every order we receive, we plant a tree to help absorb carbon from the atmosphere and offset the emissions of our products. 

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  • The impact report:

    As part of our commitment to transparency and sustainability, we offer a comprehensive impact report for our custom clothing clients. This report helps clients analyze the true environmental impact of their orders and track their sustainability. 

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We're always looking for ways to improve our environmental performance, and we're committed to finding sustainable solutions that care for both people and the planet. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can further reduce our impact, we'd love to hear from you.